The Arms of God

One of my favorite ways to show love to (and build trust in) my children is to hold them with my hands under their arms, throw them up to where they are parallel with the ceiling, and then let them free-fall (with my hands still holding them) until I stop them such that they don’t hit the floor. It’s easy to do with my 19-month-old daughter and not too difficult with my 5 yr old son. My 6.5 yr old son, however, is getting heavier, but that didn’t stop me from fulfilling his request for a turn. I felt a twinge in my shoulder and mid back the day I tried it. The next morning I was all out of whack and in quite a bit of pain. I knew at some point I’d have to stop things like that, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. My plan? Don’t concede yet. Work out more. Buy some more time.

That experience got me thinking about the arms of God. Yes, His arms are mighty to save you in your times of distress. Yes, His arms will hold you tight when you need a safe place to rest. But His arms, shoulders, and back are fully capable…and patiently waiting…to throw you around in love when you move to Heaven. Imagine what that will be like. I am looking forward to being thrown several miles up and free falling back into His loving grasp. We as His children will not have to beg, “Do me next, Daddy!” He can juggle, millions upon millions at a time, so turns will not be necessary.

Maybe that scene is hard for you to imagine. After all, we have been conditioned (a clever strategy of the enemy) to view God as a deeply philosophical, grayed-haired-and-weathered-faced individual who is off in the distance somewhere and well “above” such activities. It’s a complete paradigm shift for many of us, but God really is our heavenly Daddy. When is the last time you called Him Daddy? When is the last time you got quiet before Him and simply enjoyed His Presence? He’s waiting.

Mark E. Donnelly
Author of ‘Rude Awakening: What If Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong?’


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  1. Wow! I love your analogy. When was the last time we called our heavenly Father, Daddy? If we are back to calling Hom Father only we may be putting something in front of Him in our lives and losing our intimacy! Look inside! Quickly! Nothing is worth losing our radical intimacy with Abba!

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